La Maison de la Valette – Portland Cantilever Staircase with String Course

La Maison de la Valette – Portland Cantilever Staircase with String Course. This project won the Award for Craftsmanship in the Stone Federation Great Britain Natural Stone Awards – 2014


When Boden and Ward were approached with this enquiry for a new Cantilever Staircase, the main body of the house, with roof and floor slabs were already under construction or in place.  A stair well had been left, based on design plans already drawn up.

Boden and Ward engaged Stewart Design and Price and Myers to assist in the development of these plans, the main challenge being the first six to eight steps on each flight had to bridge the well, with no supporting wall on either side.

The client was keen to keep the staircase a pure stone structure with little or no supporting metal work.  

The team achieved this by the treads themselves becoming voussoirs and forming one half of an arch, with a reinforced concrete wall being introduced to receive the forces generated by this.

Once all the designs were finalised and drawn up, Boden and Ward then set about producing the staircases.  The largest stone in this staircase was the curtail step to the main flight which was three metres long and one metre wide, weighing almost one and a half tonnes.  The client was advised that the quarry were not able to say when a block, capable of producing these sizes would be available and therefore there was a strong possibility that the stone may have to be broken down into 3 separate stones.  With no sign of this block, these three stones were produced ready for shipment.

Two days prior to shipping the main flight a block arrived from the quarry, which was 3.5 metres long.  Two days later the one piece curtail step was on the boat on the way to Jersey.

We think the results speak for themselves.

La Maison de la Valette – Description of Works

  • 962 m2 Portland Stone paving throughout the house.
  • 3no flights of Portland stone cantilevered staircase
  • Portland stone cladding to rear staircase.
  • Marble floors, marble wall cladding and vanity tops to:-
  • 6no En suites,
  • 4no dressing room
  • 2no kitchens
  • 2no changing and shower rooms to pool house.
  • 5no WC’s
  • 1no Pool house bar.

As this build was to be the client’s family home, he had a desire for all the works to be of the highest standards’

The client was involved on a day to day basis throughout the contract, going over every detail with our masons on site.

We take great pride in the belief that we met the client’s expectations throughout this project.

FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT US ON T: 01327 349081 OR E: [email protected]
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